“If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing.”

- W. Edwards Demming



ATS has a proven track record of creative innovation with respect to addressing the customer's operation as a complete system no matter how diverse the components of that operational system.

  • Scope development and definition
  • Data analysis and conversion
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Process engineering
  • Data integration
  • Translation of business requirements into functional and detailed technical designs
  • Develop and build source code (.NET and legacy mainframe technologies)
  • Planning, testing and executing going live 
  • Production support
  • Continuous Quality Improvement


Aligning technology with business...

Working with a wide variety of customers large and small, ATS consultants have demonstrated that software integration and process re-engineering efforts are most successful when solutions for the exceptional activity is included with the solutions to the related larger, easier to identify challenges. It is these exceptions that add noise and chaos to any system and often make it appear 'unmanageable'.  

ATS subject matter experts cut through the noise. We believe strongly in standardization wherever possible and appropriate.  We believe that the clearest path to success is achieved by ensuring that the workflow and indeed every aspect of the operational system are truly an integrated part of a value driven, creative solution.