ATS consultants are involved as much or as little as required to meet the objectives you define. Our experienced, 'hands on' approach  in a wide variety of contexts provide valuable independent insight to our customers. 

  • Contract and RFP development and analysis
  • Maintenance management
  • Process/Workflow Engineering
  • Policy and Procedure development and documentation
  • System training and implementation
  • Vehicle replacement and life cycle analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Vendor/software selection
  • Warranty recovery

We can help....

We understand that our customers vehicle, facility and equipment assets are the tools used by operations to provide a service or complete a mission. These tools, and often even the environment in which they are utilized, share a great many characteristics. 

It is precisely this commonality that sometimes leads people to believe that "best practice" and even process can be simply copied from one operational system to another. This can seem particularly appealing during times of great change such as when there are management changes or challenges brought about through acquisition or integration. 

While there are indeed industry 'best practices' that should be considered  as a matter of course, its critical to carefully evaluate policy, procedure, and process in context of your unique operational environment. This may seem obvious to the experienced manager; particularly those that have managed different types of operations in different types of physical environments. But perhaps you need help.

Our experience has been that  upon close inspection, opportunity for improvement exists in excess of the costs to implement those changes.  That same experience helps us identify what needs to be done first and why in the context of your specific operation.

As a results oriented company we'll be there when the results you expect are delivered by the advice we give and help implement.